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Core concept: the harmonious development of win-win situation
Entrepreneurship: Teachers who work pragmatic innovation
Business philosophy: integrity first win-win cooperation
Service concept: All of our work is to make customer satisfaction
  Business development strategy
Fangyuan Ship adhere to the brand for the banner to the basic talent to win-win situation for the core business , and take " an industry-based, diversified development , both land and sea , both inside and outside together ," the path of development, the radius of playing first-class, international renowned engineering ship suppliers , the first brand of domestic engineering ship , become a public enterprise.
  Marketing outlets
Currently , the performance has a radius of shipbuilding coverage throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia , South America and Europe. To speed up the development of the company , the radius of shipbuilding has established offices in Shanghai , Qingdao, Wuhan , Xiamen, Hainan , to the most rapid and satisfactory service to win customer satisfaction .
  Service concept
Fangyuan Ship service concept of "all of our work is to make customer satisfaction" , that is, by enhancing the value of our customers , so as to enhance their value that customers create more higher value development .
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