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Zhejiang Fangyuan Shujun Engineering Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Fangyuan Shujun Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Fangyuan Ship Industry Co., Ltd. is a radius of dredgers, vessels and other special vessels sand suction professional manufacturing company , China efficient dredger , sand suction ship's R & D base , high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province , China Classification Society ISO9001 international quality system certification business, industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang Province Shou contract re- use units , China dredging Association. Radius trademark of Zhejiang province. July 2007 , to meet the needs of Chinese dredging business , the company set up a high-quality assets Zhejiang Fangyuan Dredging Engineering Limited, the registered capital of 15 million , total assets of 550 million yuan .
The company owned a large trailing suction ( cutter suction ) dredger , dredgers and other self-propelled vessels dump , and a variety of construction machinery and equipment, annual dredging capacity of over 100 million square ; while the ship is being built marine mining , waste oil recycling boats and other vessels. The main operations are: Port , excavation and maintenance of waterway dredging , reclamation ; marine environmental projects ; marine resources development ; vessels and related equipment leasing, dispatching overseas projects necessary to implement these labors .
Company employees more than 80 people, including engineers, more than 20 engineers , project managers , more than 20 people. In business management, general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the Board , consists of six departments, namely the General Department , Finance Department, Business Department , Engineering Department , Technology and Quality Safety and Equipment Management Department ; construction project for the construction of implementation of the project manager responsibility system , the project manager responsible for the quality of the project .
 Strong technical force , with research and development, engineering design , manufacturing installation , commissioning services and many other services , the " sediment separation funnel " technology, "inverter technology", " energy dissipation technology", " self-loading dump technology" and other products have won the national utility model patents. While strong technical advantages and advanced construction machinery and technology, through standardized operation and management mechanism , accurate market positioning and excellent after-sales service , and constantly consolidate and develop the market . Since its establishment , has assumed Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong and other places of many dredging project , and achieved good economic and social benefits .
Companies adhering to the "honesty, win-win development " business philosophy, commitment to play a valuable talent , committed to the cause of development of dredging , with excellent staff performance returns , return to shareholders , return to the community .
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